XSPECTER Tripod T-CROW X-RII - RRP $2,999.00

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XSPECTER Tripod T-CROW X-RII - RRP $2,999.00



As a compact and mobile stand for thermal imaging and night vision devices, the X-Specter T-CROW XRII helps with wildlife and hazard detection thanks to its 360° swivel range and app connection. The XSPECTER T-CROW makes it possible to capture living beings and wild animals practically and conveniently from inside the vehicle. No more tiring addressing by hand, but thanks to the sensor-controlled and stabilized 360° rotation and 55° tilt range, it enables systematic and precise detection of every movement in the vicinity of your own location.

The compact and function-oriented design as well as the 2-axis control system via app and remote control make the XSPECTER CROW series an indispensable part of any standard equipment for hunters, boaters and the security industry.



Product Specification

  • 2-axis gyro stabilized tripod - also supports larger handheld devices thanks to the stable construction
    waterproof and dustproof
  • two stable RAM-MOUNT suction feet - hold the equipment on any smooth surface (a 3rd suction foot is optionally available)
  • Bluetooth joystick (mini remote control) - fits comfortably in your hand and can be charged via USB
    Can be controlled via remote control or app
  • Powerful 3350mAh lithium battery - thanks to its POWERPORT, it also has enough power to power the searchlight (optional) or a camera (optional) via charging cable
  • USB charging socket – enables short charging times even during use
  • Magnetic POWERPORT – enables the charging cable to be quickly plugged in and unplugged

The development and production up to the programming of the app is carried out entirely in Germany.

With some of the numerous upgrades such as the railing and mast holders as well as the included magnetic feet, the CROW series can be attached to almost any surface. With the base mounts, which can be adjusted at a 90° angle, there are no limits to the installation. The Picatinny mounts can be used to attach your own GEAR such as lamps or action cams.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 27x13x17 cm
  • Weight: 1,100g

User Manual: