Havalon Bone Collector Rebel Double Bladed Knife - RRP $209

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Havalon Bone Collector Rebel Double Bladed Knife - RRP $209

The Bone Collector Signature Series Havalon Rebel is the perfect combination of traditional and modern hunting knives. Designed under the direction of the Bone Collector Team, the Rebel features a traditional drop point folding blade on one side and a Havalon Quik-Change fitment on the other.

The fixed blade on the Rebel is the ideal do it all blade. Composed of premium AUS-8 stainless steel, the blade is then cryo-hardened and finished off with a black titanium coating to create a perfect balance of strength and sharpness.

What sets the Rebel apart, is the Havalon Quik-Change replaceable blade system. The Quik-Change system ensures users always have the sharpest possible blade. As the blade begins to dull, it can be taken off and replaced with a new one in a matter of seconds. The Rebel comes with seven of our world famous 60A blades and two of our brand new gut hook blades. The ability to switch between the unmatched sharpness of a 60A blade and the functionality of a scalpel sharp gut hook creates versatility that has never been seen before on a hunting knife.

The combination of a traditional fixed blade and an ultra-modern Havalon Quik-change fitment all on one handle, makes the Rebel an exceptional knife for hunting and everyday carry.


  • 3 1/16” AUS-8 stainless steel blade with cryogenic
  • edge hardening treatment and black Ti hard coating
  • Fiberglass reinforced handle with injection molded nylon handle scales and rubber checkered grips
  • Havalon Quik-Change replaceable blade system
  • Includes 7 total 60A Blades and 2 gut hook blades
  • Bone Collector Signature Zipper Holster

How do you change a Havalon Blade?

Why Choose Havalon Knives? 

The Havalon Knives was designed with one thing in mind; create a more efficient hunting experience. No longer will hunters have to go into the woods with a pack full of tools (screwdrivers, sharpeners, gut hooks, and knives).

Over the years, Havalon has continued to introduce improvements that went far beyond new handle styles. Havalon redesigned the blade so that it will better resist breaking when the user makes a twisting motion. The new blade is 20% thicker and includes a small tab at the base to assist in blade removal. No other surgical scalpel can boast the thickness, the sharpness, or the ease of removal of Havalon’s proprietary 60A blade.

Havalon continues to advance with various handle styles, from the anodized aluminum Torch model to various camouflaged models, to the Bolt, the Forge, and the contoured Stag and others.