Celik Arms Buck Master Gen 2 Push Button Shotgun 12GA 20" TACTICAL - Pistol Adjustable - RRP $1199

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Celik Arms Buck Master Gen 2 Push Button Shotgun 12GA 20" TACTICAL - Pistol Adjustable - RRP $1199


12G Buck Master Pushbutton Shotgun Generation 2
Upgraded finish and new stock configurations plus forend pic rail

Make: Celik Arms
Model: PB12

Action Type:

o QLD - Bolt Action - Cat A
o NSW - Stock not compliant
o VIC - Awaiting Responds
o ACT - Awaiting Responds
o SA - SBA - Cat A
o WA - Bolt Action Repeater - A3
o TAS - Bolt - Cat A
o NT - SBA - Cat A

Action System: Gas-operated
Calibre: 12g
Barrel: 20”
Stock Style: Standard Rifle Stock
Stock & Forend Material: Wood Synthetic
Receiver Material: 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Receiver & Barrel Finish: Matt gun black
Barrel Material: 4140 Steel
Magazine Capacity: 5+1
Magazine Type: Tubular
Reloading Mechanism: Push Button
Reloading Mechanism Location: Forend lefthand side


o Picatinny rail on receiver

o Picatinny rail on forend for weapon light

o Fibre optic front sight

Chokes included: 3 standard and 1 muzzle brake choke
Warranty: 2 Years


Tailored for the Australian Outback: Precision Meets Ruggedness

Designed with the Australian hunter in mind, the 12G Buck Master Pushbutton Shotgun is your perfect companion in the diverse and demanding environments of the outback. This shotgun combines innovative technology with rugged construction to tackle Australia's unique hunting conditions.


Key Features:

• Pushbutton Operation: Our state-of-the-art pushbutton mechanism allows for effortless reloading, crucial for the fast-paced hunting scenarios typical in Australian landscapes.
• Built for the Bush: Engineered with high-grade materials, the Buck Master withstands the harsh, abrasive conditions of the Australian bush, from dusty plains to dense scrublands.
• Ergonomic Design: Tailored for comfort during long treks and wait times, the ergonomic balance and lightweight build reduce fatigue, making it ideal for extended hunting trips.
• Precision Barrel: The 20-inch and 28-inch barrel offers the perfect synergy of maneuverability and accuracy, ideal for targeting feral and native game at varied distances.
• Adaptable Chokes: Equipped with a set of versatile chokes, the Buck Master excels in a range of shooting conditions, from open fields to thick foliage, ensuring high adaptability and performance.
• Intuitive Safety Features: Our enhanced safety system is designed to meet the high standards expected by Australian hunters, ensuring reliable performance in all conditions.


Understanding Our Gas-Operated System

The 12G Buck Master Pushbutton Shotgun features a gas-operated system, which provides distinct advantages over the recoil-driven (inertia-driven) shotguns. Here’s a detailed look at how our gas-operated system enhances your hunting experience:

• Smooth Recoil Management: Unlike recoil-driven systems that utilize the inertia of the recoiling bolt for cycling, our gas-operated shotguns redirect a portion of the propellant gases through a vent near the barrel to operate the action. This system significantly reduces the perceived recoil as the gases used to cycle the action also help in damping the recoil. This results in less shoulder strain and more comfort during extended shooting sessions, allowing for quicker follow-up shots.

• Consistent Cycling: Gas-operated systems are known for their ability to cycle a wide range of ammunition types effectively. Whether you are using light target loads or heavy field loads, the Buck Master adjusts automatically to ensure reliable cycling without the need for manual adjustments. This is a stark contrast to recoil-driven shotguns, which can sometimes be picky about ammo types, especially lighter loads.

• Enhanced Durability and Lower Maintenance: Gas-operated shotguns, such as the Buck Master, are designed to operate cleaner with less carbon buildup from the gases, as most of the residues are expelled out of the barrel. This results in fewer cleanings and maintenance, keeping you in the field longer without the worry of malfunctions commonly associated with the fouling seen in recoil-driven systems.

• Better Performance in Adverse Conditions: The reliability of gas-operated systems shines in adverse weather conditions. The Buck Master’s robust mechanism ensures consistent performance in the diverse and challenging environments of Australia, from wet marshlands to dry, dusty outbacks, where recoil-driven systems might falter due to their sensitivity to external conditions and cleanliness.

Choosing the 12G Buck Master’s gas-operated system means equipping yourself with a shotgun that offers smooth operation, reliability across different ammunition types, and dependable performance in any condition—ensuring that every shot counts when it matters most.


Ideal For:

Australian hunters needing a shotgun that performs reliably in the diverse climates and terrains of Australia.
Outdoor enthusiasts who value a blend of durability, precision, and ease of use.
Shooters looking for a firearm that embodies the spirit of Australian hunting culture.

Experience the outback like never before with the 12G Buck Master Pushbutton Shotgun—crafted for the challenges and beauty of Australia’s hunting grounds.