ALPEN OPTICS Apex XP target optics 2.5–16x42 BDC with SmartDot Technology - RRP $1960

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ALPEN OPTICS Apex XP target optics 2.5–16x42 BDC with SmartDot Technology - RRP $1960


The ALPEN OPTICS Apex XP 2.5–16x42 is a universal rifle scope that is perfect for day and twilight hunting. It has a central tube diameter of 30 mm and is equipped with the innovative BDC red dot reticle. The reticle of the high-quality target optics is in the 2nd image plane (ocular image plane) and does not increase in size. The ALPEN OPTICS Apex XP 2.5–16x42 no longer needs to be converted to MOA (minutes of angle). Because the reticle adjustment can be easily adjusted with MRAD, i.e. 1 cm per click at 100 m.


  • High-quality riflescope with a new type of BDC red dot reticle for day and twilight hunting
  • With a short design and light 615 g perfect for use with attachments
  • Zoom with FluoDigits technology (fluorescent magnification numbers)
  • New, extremely high-quality coating for absolutely clear, edge-sharp vision
  • Innovative SmartDot technology for saving energy and time
  • Reticle in the 2nd image plane (ocular image plane)
  • Reticle adjustment with MRAD
  • Waterproof and bulletproof


The short design and the low weight of only 615 g are the best prerequisites for using the rifle scope with attachments. In addition, the robust target optics are bulletproof and, with their waterproof housing, are fully operational even in adverse weather conditions.


For more ease of use, the zoom ring on the ALPEN OPTICS Apex XP 2.5–16x42 riflescope is pleasantly wide and can be moved with a small button. The integrated FluoDigits technology shows its strengths especially in poor lighting conditions and when using attachments at night. Because the slightly fluorescent magnification numbers allow you to see the zoom level immediately in dim light, without overpowering it. The numbers are no longer perceptible from a maximum distance of 1.5 m. This way you remain undetected and you can read the magnification numbers for at least 4 hours even in twilight or even darkness.


The telescopic sight has a new and extremely high-quality coating. The result is something to be proud of: an absolutely clear view with sharp edges.


Less battery consumption and the fastest possible readiness for use – this is where the new SmartDot technology integrated into the riflescope scores. This automatic illuminated reticle switch-off works via an inclination sensor: When the rifle is brought to the ready, the illuminated dot comes on automatically. If it then comes back into a non-shooting position, it switches itself off immediately. The lighting unit is located on the left side of the tube. The scope is always ready for use and you save valuable time. In addition, the ALPEN OPTICS Apex XP 2.5-16x42 was of course equipped with a zero stop.


Even in unfavorable weather conditions, you can keep your sights firmly on your target thanks to the high-quality ALPEN optics. Heavy rain, snow, fog or even a short dive in a stream don't bother the up to 3 m waterproof rifle scope (IPX7). The stable housing keeps watertight and liquids reliably away from the inside. The optics were also filled with nitrogen for your perfect view even with extremely fluctuating temperatures. This way the lenses cannot fog up from the inside. As a real premium rifle scope, the ALPEN OPTICS Apex XP 2.5-16x42 is of course bulletproof up to 1000g Magnum caliber.


area of ​​application hide hunting
enlargement 2.5-16x
lens diameter 42mm
center tube diameter 30mm
compensation UBX
Field of view m / 100 m 2.25 min - 14.1 max
luminous intensity
twilight number 10.24
Close-up off 10 m
reticle A4
reticle image plane 2
Reticle adjustment /
per click / 100m
MRAD 0.1
luminous dot Suitable for day & night hunting
SmartDot technology Yes
Waterproof yes 3m
Adjustment range
height adjustment clicks
Windage adjustment range
Zero stop Yes
Inert gas filled Yes
interpupillary distance (mm) min. 86 - max. 100
temperature range -20℃~70℃
tube length 319mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 345x79x61mm
Weight 615g