Verney Carron Impact LA Thumbhole Camo 30-06 - RRP $3,199

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Verney Carron Impact LA Thumbhole Camo 30-06 - RRP $3,199

Introducing the IMPACT LA THUMBHOLE, a recent addition to Verney Carron's impressive 2017 product lineup. This rifle, designed with precision and efficiency in mind, offers rapid and smooth repetition coupled with reliable targeting capabilities. Crafted with French elegance, the firearm features carefully selected wood and a satin, anti-reflective finish on the lock body.

The cold-forged tube, constructed from Cr-Mo steel, ensures outstanding precision. Despite its lightweight nature, tipping the scales at 3150g, the rifle maintains perfect balance, making it ideal for swift and accurate shooting. Its ergal-made case contributes to the overall lightness of the firearm.

Measuring a total length of 102 cm, with a tube length of 47 cm, the IMPACT LA THUMBHOLE boasts a magazine capacity of 3 or 5 rounds, providing versatility for different shooting scenarios. This model is available in various calibers, including 7x64, 30-06, 300 Win Mag, 9.3x62, .308 & .243win, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.


  • AVAILABLE CALIBERS: .243win, .308win, 30/06, .300wm
  • SPECIAL ORDER: 7mmRemMag, 9.3x62
  • TOTAL LENGTH: 102 cm «Traqueur», 110 cm «Battue», 115 cm «Affût»
  • WEIGHT: 3,150 kg (except synthetic stock: 3,100 kg and thumbhole stock: 3,250 kg)
  • BARRELS: high precision rifled, 55 cm «Battue» / 47 cm «Traqueur» / 60 cm «Affût»
  • LOCKING : 6 lugs directly into the barrel
  • STOCK: synthetic or timber (natural walnut or realtree camo print)
  • RECEIVER: Ergal
  • EJECTION: 2 piston ejection system
  • SIGHTING SYSTEM: «battue» rib with adjustable rear sight, adjustable fiber, optic front sight on the Karbon model
  • MAGAZINE: removable metal magazine for 3 or 5 cartridges (except 9.3x62)
  • SLING SWIVELS: detachable, supplies