Havalon Box of 100 Blades, #NS22 Carbon - RRP $99

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Havalon Box of 100 Blades, #NS22 Carbon - RRP $99

Our #22 carbon steel scalpel blade is surgically sharp and combines precision cutting with an edge that lasts.


● Non-sterile carbon steel
● 2 1/8” length
● Box of 100
● Individually foil wrapped
● Fits a #4 and #6 scalpel handle

How do you change a Havalon Blade?

Why Choose Havalon Knives? 

The Havalon Knives was designed with one thing in mind; create a more efficient hunting experience. No longer will hunters have to go into the woods with a pack full of tools (screwdrivers, sharpeners, gut hooks, and knives).

Over the years, Havalon has continued to introduce improvements that went far beyond new handle styles. Havalon redesigned the blade so that it will better resist breaking when the user makes a twisting motion. The new blade is 20% thicker and includes a small tab at the base to assist in blade removal. No other surgical scalpel can boast the thickness, the sharpness, or the ease of removal of Havalon’s proprietary 60A blade.

Havalon continues to advance with various handle styles, from the anodized aluminum Torch model to various camouflaged models, to the Bolt, the Forge, and the contoured Stag and others.