Delta Stryker HD 1-10x28 FFP - SDOG-1 Rifle Scope - RRP $2999

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Delta Stryker 1-10x28 FFP - SDOG-1 Rifle Scope - RRP $2999

Elevate your shooting skills with the Delta Stryker Rifle Scope. It comes with an advanced MRAD reticle that boosts both accuracy and speed. With a large 69mrad circle, you can quickly hit close-range targets without any fuss.

But that's not all – the Delta Stryker also features an 11 mrad Christmas tree. The main markers are placed every 0.5mrad for precise adjustments, while the Christmas tree pattern, spaced at every 1mrad, enhances your long-range shooting.


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Unique true multirange MRAD reticle. 69mrad circle enables fast target acquisition at close ranges.
11 mrad Christmas tree with stadiametric rangefinder. Main markers every 0,5mrad, in Christmas tree every 1mrad.

Delta Stryker HD Product Specifications

Model 1-10×28 FFP - SDOG - 1
Magnification Range 1× – 10×
Objective Diameter 28mm
Field of View @ 100m 38.9m-3.9m
Eye Relief 83-99mm
Diopter Range 2D/+2D
Water Proof (N2) 0.3kg/cm²
Reticle Position 1st focal plane
Illumination Cross + Ring
Counter Clockwise YES
Per Click 0.1mrad
Per Revolution 10mrad
Elev Adj Range 29mrad
Wind Adj Range 23mrad
Parallax Adjustment 10m – ∞
Tube Diameter 34mm
Length 250mm
Weight 625g