Conotech - Night Arrow Pro 350LIIR - Thermal Rangefinding Riflescope - RRP $4799

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Conotech - Night Arrow Pro NAR350LIIR - Thermal Rangefinding Riflescope - RRP $4799

Introducing the Night Arrow 350 LIIR, a revolutionary thermal sight from Conotech presented in a newly developed tube model. This cutting-edge device is equipped with a built-in, patented laser rangefinder (LRF) embedded in the lens, allowing for precise measurements up to an impressive 1200 meters with a remarkable accuracy of +/-1 meter!

At the heart of the Night Arrow 350 LIIR is an advanced 384x288 sensor of the latest generation, featuring a 12μm Vanadium Oxide (VOx), a 50mm lens, and an impressive 50Hz refresh rate. With an extraordinary sensitivity of 25mK NETD, this thermal sight ensures unparalleled clarity and performance in low-light conditions. Easily mounted in 30mm rings, the Night Arrow 350 LIIR embodies the functions, design, and quality expected from a modern thermal sight.

Designed to thrive in the most challenging environments, the Night Arrow can withstand recoil from powerful calibers such as 9.3х64, .30-06, .300, .375, and more. It is IP-67 rated, guaranteeing resilience against wet, snowy, and moist conditions in any conceivable environment.

Equipped with built-in batteries and the option to insert an extra 18500 battery, as well as the flexibility to connect an external power supply like a power bank, the Night Arrow 350 LIIR ensures extended and exciting hours during your night hunts. 

Experience the future of thermal imaging with the Night Arrow 350 LIIR – where precision, durability, and versatility converge to elevate your night hunting experience.

Key Features

  • PATENTED Integrated Laser Rangefinder (5-1200mtr)
  • 384x288 thermal sensor, 12μm pixel pitch, <25mK NETD @ 50Hz
  • 50mm Objective Lens (F1.1), 4.8x base magnification
  • WiFi connectivity & Onboard recording (32Gb storage)
  • Unique Rotating Control Wheel (Zoom & Menu function)
  • 30mm Rings to mount (just like your daytime optical scope)
  • Dual internal 18650 battery system, Single removeable 18500 battery (up to 12hours)