Celik Arms Chimera Push Button Rifle .223Rem 18" - Black Synthetic - Pistol Adjustable - RRP $1599

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Chimera Push Button Rifle .223Rem 18" - Black Synthetic - Pistol Adjustable - RRP $1599


Tailored for the Australian hunter and IPSC shooter with an 18" barrel and 1/8 twist.

• Make: Celik Arms
• Model: PB223

• Action Type:

o QLD - Bolt Action - Cat B
o NSW – Not permitted with this stock configuration
o VIC - awaiting responds
o ACT - Bolt Action - Cat B (likely categorisation, not confirmed yet)
o SA - awaiting responds
o WA - B2
o TAS – Bolt Action - Cat B
o NT – Cat B

• Action System: Self Ejecting Manually Operated Repeater Centrefire
• Calibre: .223 Rem
• Barrel: 18”, 1/8 twist
• Stock Style: Standard Rifle Stock
• Stock & Forend Material: Synthetic
• Receiver Material: Receiver Alloy: 7075
• Receiver & Barrel Finish: Matte black
• Barrel Material: Chrome-moly Barrel steel: 4140
• Magazine Capacity: 10
• Magazine Type: Detachable box
• Reloading Mechanism: Push Button
• Reloading Mechanism Location: Forend lefthand side

• Accessories:

o Picatinny rail on receiver
o Picatinny rail on forend for weapon light

Additional Features:

o Muzzle brake included
o Threaded barrel (1/2x28)
o Removed front and rear sights for improved aesthetics
o Receiver design flows seamlessly into the barrel

• Warranty: 2 Years


Tailored for the Australian Outback: Precision Meets Versatility
Designed with the Australian hunter in mind, the Chimera .223 Rem Rifle combines high precision with rugged construction, making it your perfect companion in diverse and demanding environments.


Key Features:

• Precision Barrel: The 18-inch barrel with a 1/8 twist rate is optimised for the ammunition commonly used in Australia, ensuring exceptional accuracy and manoeuvrability.
• Ergonomic Design: The standard and tactical stocks provide comfort and stability during extended use.
• Durability: Constructed from high-grade materials, the Chimera withstands the harsh conditions of the Australian bush.
• Adaptable Accessories: Equipped with a Picatinny rail and mini picatinny rail on the bottom of the forend for adjustable bipod and weapon lights
• Improved Aesthetics: The new design features a streamlined receiver and a clean look with the removal of the original outdated iron sights.
• Enhanced Safety Features: Includes an advanced safety system, ensuring reliable performance in all conditions.


Understanding Our Gas-Operated System

The Chimera .223 Rem Rifle features a gas-operated system, which provides distinct advantages over bolt-action rifles. Here’s how our gas-operated system enhances your hunting experience:
• Smooth Recoil Management: The gas-operated system redirects a portion of the propellant gases through a vent near the barrel to operate the action, significantly reducing perceived recoil. This results in less shoulder strain and more comfort during extended shooting sessions, allowing for quicker follow-up shots. Basically, more ferals on the deck!
• Consistent Cycling: Gas-operated systems are known for their ability to cycle a wide range of ammunition types effectively. The rifle will cycle most ammo, but it is important to test which ammo cycles reliable which is generally based on the amount and pressure of the gas generated by the ammunition. PPU may potentially not her best friend, but tests will show.
• Enhanced Durability and Lower Maintenance: Designed to operate cleaner with less carbon buildup, the Chimera requires fewer cleanings and maintenance, keeping you in the field longer without the worry of malfunctions commonly associated with fouling. The Chimera also features a quick takedown design with pins similar seen in other gas-operated firearms.
• Better Performance in Adverse Conditions: The reliability of gas-operated systems shines in adverse weather conditions. The Chimera’s robust mechanism ensures consistent performance in the diverse and challenging environments of Australia, from wet marshlands to dry, dusty outbacks.
Choosing the Chimera .223 Rem Rifle means equipping yourself with a firearm that offers smooth operation, reliability across different ammunition types, and dependable performance in any condition—ensuring that every shot counts when it matters most.


Ideal For:

Australian hunters needing a rifle that enables timely follow up shots on multiple ferals.
Australian 3 Gun IPSC competitors that rapidly need to engage targets.

Experience the outback or competition like never before with the Chimera .223 Rem Rifle—crafted for the challenges.