Binoculars Titanium HD 10x42 ED

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Delta Optical Titanium HD 10x42 ED binoculars are high-end binoculars with all the attributes of classic daylight binoculars. Compared to Titanium HD 8x42, it has a 0.8◦ less field of view and 10x more magnification. It is ideal for accurate animal observation or antler assessment. Lovers of outdoor observations or ornithologists will also be satisfied with it. The optical design of these binoculars, based on high quality lenses made of very low-dispersion glass type ED, offers a resolution close to the highest theoretical image resolution for this type of binoculars. This is a great advantage for users who appreciate a highly detailed image.

The use of lenses made of ED-type glass with very low dispersion allowed to achieve perfect tint reproduction without any artifacts. The optical system of binoculars was designed with the use of modern programs based on light tracking technology, thanks to which the obtained image is extremely sharp, bright and very detailed. Titanium HD binoculars are a successful development of the Titanium hunting binoculars series towards compact roof binoculars. The binoculars' design is characterized by robust and lightweight bodies that are resistant to weather, extreme temperatures, water and internal fogging. Titanium HD binoculars are also models that have taken over from the large Titanium binoculars with multilayer, high-performance anti-reflection coatings. Coatings of this type allow for high light transmission and correct contrast even in difficult lighting conditions.

Technical data:
Symbol: DO-1411
The name of the binocular series: Titanium HD
Magnification: 10x
Lens diameter of the lens: 42 mm
Lens material: ED
glass Anti-reflection lens coatings: FMC
Twilight performance: 20.5
Relative brightness: 17.6
Output pupil diameter: 4.2 mm
Output pupil offset from eyepiece: 9 mm
Angular field of vision: 7.0 °
Linear field of vision at 1000 m: 122 m
Reduction of the field of vision curvature: yes
Focusing: internal central
Minimum focus distance: 2 m
Adjustable eyepiece spacing: 58-78 mm
Dioptraction correction: yes
Prism type: roof
Prism material: BaK4 glass
Roof prism reflective layers: silver
Watertightness: yes
Nitrogen filling of the housing: yes
Tripod attachment: adapter ¼"
Kerb weight: 744 g
The mass with the packaging: 1440 g
Dimensions: 140x129x50 mm
Warranty period: 120 months